Dallas St. Mark’s Lions

The St. Mark’s School of Texas is a nonsectarian preparatory day school for boys in grades 1–12 in Dallas, Texas, United States accredited by the Independent Schools Association of the Southwest.

In 2020, the Lions finished 8-1 overall and 4-0 in the SPC North division.

As of December 20, St. Mark’s was 9-4 and 1-0 in district play.

Players to Watch

1Rapha Mitterer-ClaudetGJR33.3
2CJ NessGSO30.0
3Corvin OpreaGSR314.0
4Jake BondGJR30.0
5George GenenderGJR31.0
10Caleb VanzantGSR34.7
11Tate LaczkowskiGSR318.3
12Arjun KhattiGJR31.0
13Lucas BlumenthalGSO33.0
14Luke LaczkowskiGFR30.0
15Ethan SingletonGSO30.3
22Henry EstesGFR30.7


63 - 52
Whataburger Orange
Aux Gym

(24) St. Mark's vs. Pearce

(Cons. Quarterfinals)
44 - 57
Whataburger Orange
Main Gym

(14) North Crowley vs. Dallas St. Mark's

(First Round)
81 - 43
Whataburger Orange
Main Gym

(7) Duncanville vs Dallas St. Mark's