Duncanville Panthers

Duncanville High School is a secondary school located in Duncanville, Texas, United States, in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. The school is a part of Duncanville Independent School District. The school includes grades 9 through 12. The high school campus is the second largest in the nation in terms of campus size.

The Panthers have won the last two Whataburger Tournaments (2018, 2019) and have won five overall.

In 2020, Duncanville finished 29-1 overall and 11-1 in District 11-6A, winning its second straight 6A state championship and fifth overall.

Entering 2021, Duncanville was preseason ranked No. 1 in 6A by TABC, and as of December 20, the Panthers are 11-0 and remain ranked No.1 in in the state.

Players to Watch


0Ron HollandFJR414.0
2Evan PhelpsGJR42.0
3CJ FordGSR40.0
4Caleb JonesGSR44.8
5Kayden EdwardsGFR43.3
10Rassaun ColierGSR41.0
11Aric DemingsGJR410.3
12Tony Dixon JrGFR40.0
14Anthony BlackFSR41.3
20Jackson PrinceGJR43.0
22Davion SykesFSR411.0
23Cameron BarnesFJR410.0
24Ashton HardawayFJR49.8
25Keelan RussellGSR40.5


58 - 60
Whataburger Orange
Main Gym

(28) Richardson vs. Duncanville

49 - 83
Whataburger Orange
Main Gym

(18) Duncanville vs. Timberview

61 - 55
Whataburger Orange
Main Gym

(12) Arlington Martin vs. Duncanville

(First Round)
81 - 43
Whataburger Orange
Main Gym

(7) Duncanville vs Dallas St. Mark's