South Grand Prairie Warriors

South Grand Prairie High School is a public high school in the city of Grand Prairie, Texas. It is part of the 36-campus Grand Prairie Independent School District. SGP has won the Whataburger Tournament twice, the most recent being in 2013.

In 2020, the Warriors finished 21-1 overall and 12-0 in District 8-6A, losing to Richardson in the Regional Semifinals.

Entering 2021, South Grand Prairie was ranked 20th in the 6A by TABC, and as of December 21, the Warriors were 12-5.

Players to Watch


0Chandler BurnettGSR34.7
1Donavhn SanfordGSR35.7
2Cameron CarrollGFR35.3
3Anthony SolomonGSR315.7
4Khaden BennettGSR30.0
5Nicholas GoochGSR35.3
11Ringo DengGSR37.3
12Adam WrightFJR30.0
13Vaughn LoudFSR32.0
15Jamien JuneGJR31.3
23Jordan GuerraGSR34.0
24Jonah BrandonGSO30.0


(5th Place Semifinals)
46 - 67
Whataburger Orange
Main Gym

(21) Coppell vs. SGP

45 - 57
Whataburger Orange
Main Gym

(10) Richardson vs. South Grand Prairie

51 - 63
Whataburger Orange
Main Gym

(3) Plano John Paul II vs South Grand Prairie